finally got a moped and I need help.

Well I changed my name to CASEY upper case to stop the confussion with the other casey.I hope this helps. Well today I drove 5 hrs to pick up my first of many mopeds. It is a 1975 Puch maxi S. It is a 2hp and single speed and it only has 490 miles on it. It is really nice but it has not been fired up in 25 years or so the guy said. He got it from his dad who died 20 years ago or so. I only paid a 125 for it, I hope that is a good deal. I thought it was. Well the question is what should I do to it to get it started and running again. Please help.

Re: finally got a moped and I need help.

check the links for something called "fred's guide". it's a great source for trouble-shooting and such. $125 is a good price for a moped if it's complete and pretty close to running. at least drain all the fluids and check for spark.

Re: finally got a moped and I need help.

look at "Fred's guide" under the resources.

After all that time, the gas tank might be rusty on the inside, which is a project.

I'd buy a plug and look at the inside of the tank, and read Fred's guide. Also, look at pictures of other Puchs and see if anything is missing (wires, switches, etc)

Re: finally got a moped and I need help.

that's really wierd we responded at the same time. hope your ped situation works out, man.

Re: finally got a moped and I need help.

hi i had the same deal my moped when i got it haddent been started for years the first thing i did was clean out the carborator check the float make sur its not crusted get some carben choak cleaner get a new spark plug bring the old one to like a napa store and they will give you a mach probably a newer version. check the gas lines and banjoes. get a steel brust and take one of the mettal needles out of it and stick it in all the small holes in the carb get some compressed air to blow out the carb i just used a leaf blower:) good luck take care.


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