out on the trails

Dave Gregory /

i was riding with one of my friends that has a warrior out

on some trails by his house....it was raining alot the day before, so the trails were really muddy. we were riding along, and all of a sudden a stick flies up and knocks off the chain to the engine(on the 4 wheeler). we couldnt get it back on and were about to push it out. then a jeep came through and tried to help but with little sucess. it was funny watching that jeep bury itself..:) then i let my friend ride my moped back to his house and tell his dad to come help us...so he did. then we had fun putting the 4 wheeler on the truck...after that i rode my moped back 2 his house...but along the way the chain 2 the engine on my ped kicked off....so i peddled it. then the chain 2 it fell off....so i gave up and loaded it onto the truck as well. then it was a nice ride back 2 the house were i fixed it. but i didnt notice that the part of the master link fell off....so when i was riding the peddle chain broke....so now i need 2 buy a new one.


Re: out on the trails

I did a bit of trasil riding Saturday also... I went by an area we used to ride dirtbikes all the time... they put a freeway thru part of it.

So I rode a mile or so exploring some of the old trails... too bad its 'gone' now.. as a riding area.

Re: out on the trails

david f martin /

I just got back from my ride. I rode around the neighborhood streets, went on a path around a fishing lake a coupla blocks from my house, went thru the nearby trailer park with all the speed bumps... Kinda fun just cruising around at 20mph.


Re: out on the trails

Yeah DM... that was the best part about my ride Saturday... no hurry.. just cruising... throttle hand relaxed.... nice.

Re: out on the trails

i went through a few big mudholes....is it a good thing when your moped goes ''gulp gulp'' in the water????


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