old tomos- tranny fluid?

i'm fixing an old tomos that has a 2-speed auto tranny. should i use atf in it? that is what appeared to drain out (what little drained out and wasn't black/metallic).

Re: old tomos- tranny fluid?

if its an A3, fill it with 10W30 motor oil, till it runs out the fill check screw hole (the screw near the bottom of the side of the tranny is it).


Re: old tomos- tranny fluid?

Jeremy Corkran /

wish i knew. it has no other markings except tomo on it and my g/f's brother managed to destroy any of the plastic that would have anything else to tell me. thanks though. i'll run some redline synthetic and see if that will give me a few more ponies at the wheel.

Re: old tomos- tranny fluid?

david f martin /

I tried some of that Redline synthetic, and I was seeing ponies everywhere. Little pink ones. Pretty cool stuff, I recommend it highly...


Re: old tomos- tranny fluid?

look on the CYLINDER on the side of the fins, it should say either "Tomos A3" or "Tomos A5".


Easy to tell.

Reeperette /

Old Tomos A3 - the cylinder is a hexagon shape.

New Tomos A5 - the cylinder is a square shape.

The Older Tomos A3 Manual calls for 220cc's (ml) of 10w30.

The Newer Tomos A5 Manual calls for 220cc's (ml) of Dexron-type ATF.

Some Tomos owners prefer one or the other in the trans instead of what the manual says, and some even use type-F.

Mopeds seem to be as individual as their owners and each has it's own quirks, so basically, use what's best for you, and if you're not sure, follow the manual, 10w30 for the A3, and ATF for the A5.

Hope that helps,


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