I hate it when mopeds break for no apparent reason

Well everything seemed to be running all fine and dandy until today when i tried to take my moped out. It took me longer than usual to get it to start, it ran fine for about a block, then died. i peddled the moped back while trying to start it and nothing. Waited a minute and tried again and it started right up, then died about 20-30 seconds later just like it did the first time. So im guessing that something is happening when the engine reaches a certain temperature or something.. i know it has plenty gas, and the compression sounds and feels fine.. in a minute im gunna goto the garage and hook up the timing light to make sure that the spark is still going off when the engine dies. can anyone come up with a possible reason for this?

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had a moped that did the same thing. id like to see some answers to this question

RE: I hate it when mopeds break for no apparent re

I'd look in the float bowl to see if some particle of rust or crud is in there that can plug the jet every now and then. Otherwise the electrical system or sparkplug could be the culprit.


RE: I hate it when mopeds break for no apparent re

Reeperette /

Check the air filter.


bah..figured it out

Well i was making sammiches at work when it came to me..a simple explanation. fuel flow. the float bowl would fill up after the moped had been sitting, and when i started it, the float bowl would drain but the fuel wouldnt come out fast enough to keep the engine running. after waiting a minute for the float bowl to fill again, itd run for another minute. so i checked the filter, and of course theres a bunch of crud on it. i thought i had cleaned out the fuel tank enough, but i guess the gasoline removed some old scumm from the inside of the tank and it wrapped itself around my filter. i feel kindof silly for not checking that first, but you know how obvious stuff gets overlooked..

RE: bah..figured it out

Reeperette /

Yah, killed the symptom, but doublecheck the cause.

Check oil mix, etc.

Also, were you buying gas from Citgo ?

Some stations illegally use low-grade motor oil to 'bulk up' their gas, and this tends to produce a lot of crud, rather quickly, so keep an eye out for that.


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