Moped laws in Germany

So In about a year or so I'll be moving to Germany. I'm planning on keeping my moby until I die haha so I'd be taking it with me. anyone know about moped laws in Germany? I tried finding info earlier but I couldn't find much.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Member Tim fuller lives in germany so he probably knows most of the laws.

I believe its almost the same as here:

A 25kmph and a 45 kmph class

You will need a moped license, although it could be possible that you can get the moped license added to your drivers license

you will need insurance.

It might be possible that you need to get your moped titled in germany, if so id suggest you just buy a new moby here.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

4ing Old Bart /

There are 2 classes of moped in Germany: "Mofa" 25km/h, and "Moped" or "Mokick" 45km/h

I think you may have problems using your moped, you need an "Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis" (A.B.E.), which would be issued by the Manufacturer/Importer.

"Converting" your license see:

In Germany, mopeds are not registered, but when you get insurance(mandatory), you are issued with a small "insurance plate"

All in all, I think it would probably be easier to buy one in Germany than to have yours shipped over (probably cheaper too)

Re: Moped laws in Germany

find and buy an old kreidler. look like you belong there.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

thanks guys. So would I need inspection or emissions or any of that? so far it looks the same as it is now. Is there any way to just use my title or do I have to have a new one made in Germany?

Re: Moped laws in Germany

You could store your bike here in the States minus the engine that you would bring to Germany and find a rolling frame or whole bike and you would have an extra engine

Re: Moped laws in Germany

I'd have no place to keep it though that's the thing. I'm going to be bringing the whole thing over no matter what haha.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Your best bet is to store it here , it will not meet codes there and cost a fortune to ship back and forth. Find someone here to keep it and watch it , buy one there. Just my thoughts.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

TÜV enforces German vehicle laws, being one of the strictest in world.

It is wishful thinking and expensive to think you can import it.

Leave it here and get another Mofa in Germany. There are plenty of Mofas to choose from in Germany. Even Mobys.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

well, when my family and I move we are going to be given a large shipping container and anything that fits we can take. I figured if anything I can just have it with me until I move back for college. Also I just can't part with this moby. I haven't had it for long but it became a part of me.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

I hear you , you get it some don't, better leave it here and come back to it than take it to Germany and chance loose it. I have had this stupid bike for 35 years and cant think of not seeing it. Get one there, or two, or more . (edited)

turn switch ,saddle bag 006.JPG

Re: Moped laws in Germany

TAKING it there is the easy part.

Registering, changing all lenses and other stuff to "E" approved ones and getting it through TÜF... You're begging trouble. I have lived over 30 years in Europe, so only thing I can advise you is not to do it.

What you do is up to you.

By the way, do you know that TÜF does not approve ANY modifications, such as aftermarket exhaust pipe, non original carb, sprockets... If you have any aftermarket parts on the Moby, you better have papers to prove it's approved in Germany on that specific year and model of your moped. They do not negotiate on these, so crying or whining does not help.

See now what I mean?

Re: Moped laws in Germany

If you are moving to one of the american military bases in germany you might be able to get it approved there. American army personel have their own license plates etc.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

ouch well only aftermarket thing is the carb at the moment. not sure if handlebars count as well. I'll be moving to Leipzig

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If you're talking about getting Misty to Europe, you won't have much to change according to what I've seen ... Motobecane was a French make and the 50V were sold in Germany too (as Motobecane N150 or Typ. 150 from what I've understood), so all EU parts are available.

From what I see. the non EU approved parts on your moby would be :

_ headlight

_ taillight

_ reflectors

_ tires (if they are DOT only, otherwise they'll be ok)

I don't think the exhaust had a different TPSI in US.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

♣Slew Foot♣ /

france is a day trip away, get a nice new one. turn yours into a crazy race bike and keep it in the garage.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Bob Zimmerman /

If you really are attached to it, I would drain the fluids, detail it well, and then keep it inside as industrial art. You get to look at it every day and appreciate it.

Then find something really cool to ride thats already in the German system.

Sounds like fun, good luck!

Re: Moped laws in Germany

^ This

Re: Moped laws in Germany

your blowing it. sell your beloved moby and buy a real moped when you get there. heres your chance to get and and return to the states with a 3 or 5 speed florett or a nice zundapp.

i'd pay you to bring back a florett.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Bring a kreidler rs, with superbreitwand (SB) cylinder they can easily go 75mph

Re: Moped laws in Germany

^Bad ass!

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

Oh man, what an awesome opportunity to search for a vintage Kreidler or Zundapp moped to bring back to the states.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Or get a DKW Hummel

Re: Moped laws in Germany

♣Slew Foot♣ /

i think i wet myself.

batavus whippet or a puch motorcyle oh man the opp.

take a sidetrip on eurorail to spain and cop an awesome monza gt heck a tomos alpino get a container of em, they would sell.

Re: Moped laws in Germany

Some more options if your wallet is properly filled

Union Boomerang

Heinkel Perle

Re: Moped laws in Germany

There is a new law whích Comes into force this year (2020) - it's allowed to ride a 125 cc motorcycle having a Standard car driving license.

But you Need to attend a 9 double hours Course to get it.

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