1930's Motocyclette

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Hey readers,

I have a 1934? motocyclette that has Sachs parts and a Tiger-Gabel parallelogram fork. The parts tell its age, but there were so many small motorcycles made that I can't find out what kind it is. It isn't worth that much unless it turns out to be a rare Wanderer or something. It runs and everything, but it looks like it has been pieced together and the frame has been repaired. I was told to go to a swap meet, so if any one knows of some that have a mixture of old mopeds and motorcycles, that would be helpful. It has no wiring and I couldn't find any diagrams or repair information with the Sachs Motors pages on the internet. For anyone that knows about these, the serial number on the frame is W0108, the fork is 58945, the license plate is 471501 white numbers on blue from Belgium or France, the 98cc domed cyclinder motor is 1063901, Hella three position headlight, missing speedo, Bruninghaus on the back of the seat, white Sauer pedals, 24 by 2.5" unusable Belgique Michelins, and I think the tank was originally metallic red (did they have metallic colors in 1934?) and the rest of the bike was black with gold pinstriping. Unless it turns out to be a rare bike, I just want to get it road worthy with period parts. It only goes about 30mph with two speeds and has pedals, so I guess it more resembles an antique moped than a motorcycle.

RE: 1930's Motocyclette

A 1934 moped and it still runs at 30mph? That is IMPRESSIVE! Truly. I still can't get my Snark (1977) go much more than 25 at this point. If you get that thing fixed you should definitely take pictures and send them to us or post them on our site. Wow!

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