Mini rotor dimensions?

I'm at work and fucking around and am planning on making a pull start pulley or two for a few guys with HPI mini rotors. I forgot to take a measurement before I left for work, so I'm hoping somebody has a mini rotor and a caliper sitting next to them so they can tell me what the diameter of the little raised area around the center hex nut area is. That way I can do this today instead of what I'm supposed to be doing.

Re: Mini rotor dimensions?

38.10mm is what I measured :)

Re: Mini rotor dimensions?

Yess!!! Winning at mopeds!

Re: Mini rotor dimensions?

Thanks Dan. Here's what I did if anybody is interested. Works REALLY well. Now I can ditch those starter clutches. Just gotta keep a bit of rope with me.


Re: Mini rotor dimensions?

Looks like a 49cc shin slicer. Get a rope with a handle at the hardware store. (edited)

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