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five hour energy bottles with the label ripped off to the top of the mountain gets you 1.5 ml i guess, i've been using that for years, just try to eyeball my tank to when I get low enough to put in half a gallon, or I just use the gallon gas can in my yard to fill up all the time by doubling up. I fill up my tanks religiously because I'm dumb and have leaky carbs all the time.

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I just pour oil in from a bottle. If my bike isn't smoking I add more

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Prescription cough syrup bottles are the best.

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> I just pour oil in from a bottle. If my bike isn't

> smoking I add more

^ Hahahaaaaa! Very good,Joe! 2-stroke smoke! don-ohio (:^)

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tiny liquor bottle. little airline/shooter/mini bottles. the common shaped ones filled to where the label stops is just right for half a gallon. i tested this buy pouring puch gas cap cups in there. motul looks like whiskey too. ha ha.

they litter the streets in my neighborhood. if i ever need to buy one they're sold everywhere. it's usually only 1.00, and comes with free liquor inside!

quarter pint bottles r good too. like the one in will d's tool bag. just do the math, or pour a few puch gas cap cups in there and draw some lines or whatever.

Re: 2-Stroke Measuring

Princess Rapunzel /

Ok, so a 2.6can of cheapo $1.79 stuff in a Swinger tank, a full tank is usually around 0.69-0.74 gallons, so that's about 35:1 I'm running mixing usually.

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xxXxXX XxxxxxXX /

35mm film container. Holds enough Sabre for 3/4 gallon of gas at 100:1.

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