tomos oil injection systems

i originally pulled off the autolube system on my '90 TTLX (a3 engine) because a kinked line caused serious piston damage. are these systems stingy on oil even when their lines arent kinked? im thinkin of switching back to autolube because i like being able to fill up at gas stations and not having to mix anything in a can. i do tend to run my 'ped kinda hard, and Massachusetts has a lot of hills! i have all the injector parts in a tupperware bin, and i can probably talk the supervisor at my work into giving me about 2ft of 1/8inch tubing (i work at a biotech corporation, we grow algea to make bandages) we use a TON of this tubing there, even brought a scrap home and left it sitting in a container of oil 2 test its resistance, didnt even faze it.


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Reeperette /

>>are these systems stingy on oil even when their lines arent kinked?<<

Yes, and prone to failure, clogs, air bubbles, etc.

Always keep an eye on it.


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forget it then, im gonna stick to premixing. is there anywhere i can get that polyurathane sponge stuff they use for air filters? i want to rip the screen out of the original air filter, and stuff a circle of that foam stuff in the "frame" where the screen woulda been, i just think that screens too restrictive, and it dosent do a good enough filtration job. my 'ped will 4 stroke at high RPM, but the next lowest jet size is only 1 number higher than the previous one it had (and would overheat with). the jet size numbers are 50,51,52,53,54,56,58 and 60, im worried that if i go down to a 54 that it will still overheat like it did before. im eventually going to order it and try it but i wanna see if i can clear it up without changing it, i wanna definitely get rid of that air filter, i dont trust it, looks like somthing you would find on an OLD briggs & stratton (circa 1940 or so).


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chuck russo va /

dill out your air box to compisate for the bigger jet

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SteelToad /

You can have the best of both worlds.

Put the oil tank back in, hook up your tube, and run it to a petcock. Just keep a little premeasured cup or something with you when you ride.

Pull up to the gas station, pump your gas, let out the right amount of oil, dump it in the tank, replace the gas cap, shake the ped vigorously, and you're ready to go :)

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david f martin /

A friend's mom drove an early '60s SAAB, three cylinder, two stroke. I rode with them once to a gas station, where we dumped in a bottle of 2-stroke oil, filled the gas tank, then grabbed a door handle and shook the car up. Crazy, huh? This was around back around '75, I guess...


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