Custom Ped Ownership/Title

I recently bought a puch maxi frame, then began to order all the goodies from various places (carb, engine, wheels, etc.), I was just wondering if there is any way for me to get this badboy registered, as the frame came with no ownership or anything of that nature. Any feedback is welcome! thanks!

Re: Custom Ped Ownership/Title

In your case the same as a stock moped. Use what paperwork you have (bill of sale, etc) to obtain a title. Each state or in your case province i guess may have different requirements. Contact your local motor vehicles department and find one what you need.

Re: Custom Ped Ownership/Title

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Have the seller write a bill of sale. Then go tot the MTO & get an affidavit for $10. You do need a M

Re: Custom Ped Ownership/Title

Don't know Canada, I hope its not as messed up as it is in the US. 50 states, 50 sets of laws. Anything from who you bought it from helps.

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