so how, and what kind of radios are you guys putting on your peds/snails??? I put a small cheap one on mine but the static from the plug drowned out the music so it didnt work..... Rog

Re: radios?

David F Martin /

I put a walkman and a couple of small computer speakers on mine. Looks pretty cool, but it is not loud enough to hear over 20mph. Hopefully I'll post a pic tomorrow night.

Wayne's got the stereo goin' on.


Re: radios?

i have a box, with 25 watt amp, dual 2 1/2 inch tweeters and a walkman, in padding.. its loud as hell.. the fine vibrations from the motor make it skip at low or mid idle tho..i need to rubber mount it..

Re: radios Static/Resistor plug?


this was one of my toughest things-- I think Ree solved it for me.

You get the SAME plug specs, but with a resistor--- that will kill all engine noise.

I've had digital devices that would not work at all near my moped-- so my stereo had static, and an mp3 player wouldn't function at all.

they sell almost all plugs, cept really oddball ones in resistor format.

Tony-- sounds sweet-- I've got an 80 watt amp, three speakers, and a phat battery--- since I went with a RIO Mp3 player, I don't have any moving parts in my player and the actual AMP can bounce inside the pannier pack a little, but it doesn't 'skip' or anything.

My old tape-deck setup used to 'warble' on uneven roads or cobblestone--- now i've always got good sound---- I'm going to get an upgrade kit for a different bike-- and hopefully I can fit a 200w amp, with a double size or dual battery bank--- get some serious bass on the ped and moure than double the power to the speakers.

as it is, it's loud as all hell, but I always want louder.

shit-- I'm probably going deaf--- just thought that might be why I need a louder amp.... doh!

I'll make it to the bbq, and let anyone test it out-- great sound--- stereo effect at full speed--- cool airhorns--- fun-- once I add the neon, it'll be the "bat-mo-ped"

Re: radios?

Rog--- see my thread about moped stereo--- it's got about 45 posts

I've also created a "yearly" stereo thread, do if you use the "all dates"

search for "moped stereo" you'll actually see the evolution of my set up

Re: radios Static/Resistor plug?

Re: radios Static/Resistor plug?


p.s. that's interesting about even an mp3 player not functioning on there

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