Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

I like how you pedal through the cutouts.


Re: Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

Re: Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

Chris Straub /

Ah that makes sense, I figured it belonged to someone on here by all the work done to it. I just overlooked it on buy/sell.

Re: Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i have two of em, they're a blast. i call 'em "Urban Paddleboats". only weired thing is steering is in the middle and pedaling seating position is to the left of the seat. if you're riding dubs with someone you wanna hookup with it's perfect. think one of the bandits made a steering box to correct that one, sweetest mod i've seen to one so far.

Re: Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

nah man center steering is intentional so you can cozy up and smooch on your sweetie.

they are made for awkward moped rider nerds that need an excuse to make a move, like me.

Re: Minarelli trike on MD Craigslist

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

That is a 1979 or early 1980 American Tri-ped Microcar. The rounded fenders were the earliest version. The steering is not exactly center, it is offset to the left slightly. I have owned about 10 Tri-ped Microcars over the years and currently own number 0904...the Last of the Mohicans. Mine is the Tomos powered, possibly the only factory Tomos Microcar left since they only made one handful before folding

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