Moped parking ticket?

I have a puch maxi that I ride to classes and such around town here in Delaware and the other day I was shocked to find a parking ticket on my bike when I came out from class. I had locked my bike to a bike rack as I always do so that it won't get stolen. The University gave me a $50 ticket for "parking a moped at a bike rack"

I went and talked with parking services. They said that any bike with a motor is considered a motorcycle and must be parked in a motorcycle parking spot (of course with a motorcycle parking permit for $80/semester)

In the state of Delaware mopeds must be registered with the dmv. If they're under 55cc they are a moped, do not need insurance, etc. They are allowed to be ridden anywhere bicycles are allowed if the motor is not turned on. Apparently I cannot lock it anywhere I could lock a bike.

Sorry for the rant, my purpose in posting was to ask if anyone had dealt with ridiculous parking rules like this before and to ask for suggestions dealing with the University? I thought having a moped would make parking easier but this is ludicrous. Thoughts?

Beg for mercy and deferral

fallout Survivor /

You broke the regulation, but dispute it, and beg for mercy. Claim ignorance. In the future, either register your motorcycle (moped ) for 80 bucks or park it off campus.

Below are the regulations, you need to register your bike as a motorcycle.

University campuses are entities unto themselves. They have their own parking regulations and police forces often. You should be able to do an online search and see how they define motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles.

Which campus ya talking about?

Motorcycle Regulations

Motorcycle Definition-For the purposes of these regulations, the term "motorcycle" includes mopeds, motor scooters, and all other two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles.

Who Can Register a Motorcycle-Faculty, staff and students may obtain a University parking permit to register a motorcycle. Such registration may be made in addition to having registered a four-wheeled vehicle for a parking permit.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces- Motorcycles cannot be parked at bicycle racks. For safety reasons, motorcycles are not eligible for any gate lot parking.

Unauthorized Parking-Motorcycles are not permitted in University buildings since they constitute a serious hazard and will be removed at the direction of the Department of Public Safety in accordance with prevailing University policy. Motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters are prohibited from being parked and secured to a lamppost, railing, handicapped ramp, or other pedestrian walkways. In addition to incurring a fine, the owner will pay the costs of removal. (edited)

Re: Dispute ticket...Which campus?

University of Delaware. I looked into their rules. They clearly define any bike with a motor as a "motorcycle" for parking purposes. However you have to look under "motorcycle parking" in order to find that out, which I never looked under because a maxi and a motorcycle are two completely different things to me. I'm sure I could dispute the ticket and win this time, but I want them to change the rule not just give me a break since it's my first time. The motorcycle parking spots don't have anything for me to lock my bike to and I'm not about to leave my moped unlocked. I already had my mountain bike stolen from this campus and it WAS locked.

Re: Dispute ticket...Dispute policy?

fallout Survivor /

At the hearing you can present your argument for mercy since your vehicle is more like a bicycle and needed to be locked.

You can ask them to change the policy and provide places to lock it.

Good luck with that .. HA HA HAA.!!

The powers that be may not actually want mopeds and motorcycles on campus and be trying to discourage use there. (edited)

They'd probably just impound it...

What do you think they'd do if I just took my license plate with me to class? They can't write me a ticket then! Muhahaha!

Parking control is secondary to revenue ...

fallout Survivor /

No shit sherlock. The traffic and parking cop will just impound it. He has a job... get revenue .. so if you take the plate they will force you to pay by impounding an unplated bike. Your plate links it to your money. No plate, so they have to impound it to get your money.

That is life in the big N. Eastern multi-metropolis. It is all about exacting revenue, for the municiple (university) enterprise. (edited)

Re: Dispute ticket...Dispute policy?

Yea that's what I plan on doing but im about as optimistic as you. A guy I know also got a ticket recently and appealed via email, he wrote a good detailed email on how the policy makes it extremely hard for moped riders. They sent him some cookie cutter "our policy on mopeds is the following..." response that sounded like they didn't read his email past the subject line. Maybe I'll have better luck with an in person appeal. Probably not though.

Re: Parking control is secondary to revenue ...

But I doubt a parking services guy carries an angle grinder with him to cut through my u lock. Also I'm pretty sure he only knew to give it a ticket because he saw the plate. I caught the parking guy right after he'd ticketed me and he said "if it's registered with the dmv it has to be registered as a motorcycle to park" so if he doesn't see a license plate he probably wouldn't know what to do.

I'm not going to take that risk though.

Re: Dispute ticket...Which campus?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Appeal man, you can't expect them to want to change the policy if you're not willing to be adamant about it.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

In NY, there was a guy who went to court and got written agreement from a judge (or maybe the DMV) that his Maxi was allowed to be locked with other bicycles on the street because it operated as a bicycle when not in use. It was in 2008 I believe and the case was in Brooklyn (don't quote me on that).

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Hmm, interesting thanks! I'll look into that before I present my appeal.

Grinder service ; you will pay

fallout Survivor /

Hey dumb ass, the parking enforcement will just call a number, and their contractor with the cutters will come and remove the bike... and you will be forced to pay the 50 dollar ticket and the cost of the contractor to cut it (probably about 200 dollars).

So the University will have your bike and give it back to you for $250, plus court costs.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

Here you go,3434366,3458993

Not the exact thread about the judge's letter, but Albo from M23 seemed to be the guy I was referring to earlier. We also have bicycle laws that protect mopeds being parked on the sidewalk. Good luck, hopefully you can get something similar in Delaware cuz those parking fees suck.

Re: Grinder service ; you will pay

Haha don't worry I'm not actually going to try it. I know thats pretty likely. I think the parking services guy might be confused at first when he doesn't see a license plate but they would catch on pretty quick.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

how do they plan on enforcing the ticket? at my school they couldn't enforce the ticket unless you were on file with them and they had your name and student ID... it was absurd because non-students could park in the lots and not get tickets, but the students got nailed via a charge on your student account.

they tried to pull the same thing with the motorcycle/bike parking and i fought it, wrote some letters and finally they compromised by installing a bike rack in the motorcycle parking area just for the mopeds/scooters to lock to. You might be able, at the very least, to get some compromise like that or not have to pay for your permit.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

I'd settle for a bike rack in the motorcycle spots but my school doesn't have much room for it.

As for enforcing, because my bike had a license plate they can link the bike to me. They won't give me my diploma if I have unpaid parking tickets.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

ha yeah i don't have my diploma to this day over some dumb shit like that.

neither does stephen colbert, whatevs

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Bad Cadillac™ /

As far as I know, schools/colleges do not follow state laws for things like this and set their own laws/rules. So you abiding by state law and trying to pass a moped off as a bike was not right from the beginning.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Simon Belmont /

It's simple really, purchase a cover (make sure it fits your moped) I purchased size "M" cover which fits Tomos Bullet perfectly, and cover your moped completely including the tail-pipe, leaving only pedals so they can be seen, this way your moped will look more like covered bicycle. Lock it to a sign post or to a street light if you have big enough chain.

P.S. Trimax THEX50 Super Chain - 5' feet long fits perfectly around street light. (edited)

Re: Moped parking ticket?

You guys don't get it. There is no court or judge involved here. Campus law is not a state law, when you go in they will say pay $50, NEXT! University of Delaware also states to get a motorcycle permit you must also have a regular vehicle permit.

Re: Beg for mercy and deferral

Ancient mariner. You are free to do what we tell you. Baaaaaa

Paul L. Totally fucked and guilty! I get it! University and College Campuses: another level of government

fallout Survivor /

In addition to federal, state, municipal law, there is also University and Campus Law.

It is another layer of laws, rules and regulations ...

Sell the moped and get a bicycle asshole.

Re: Beg for mercy and deferral

Im a university student as well and our administration does not give parking tickets to mopeds no matter where they are parked.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Well there you go Paul, park at Matt's school and walk to yours, problem solved and so easy. (edited)

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Julie the Wizard /

>> be ancient mariner

>> on moped forum

>> "sell your moped and get a bicycle"

I parked my hobbit chained up to a bike rack right outside my workplace and saw a metermaid move next to my bike to make a ticket. went outside with him and proceeded to confuse the shit out of him by saying that by oregon law it's a bicycle when the engine isn't running.

ended up not getting a ticket but can't park at rack. turned out spot 10 feet away was owned by my employer's property. literally moved it ten feet (still on sidewalk) city can't do shit because private property and employer doesn't care. lol

I still park at bike racks sometimes. Because you know.

Short story short: write a letter to the dean. if you ever want anything done, write a letter to the dean.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

lthe first thing I would not do is send a detailed email to "they"

they don't care about yer emails

move to ohio, law just passed that peds n scoots can park on the sidewalk no probs

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Lock your bikes securely inside your locked garage, or you might be giving a thief an early Christmas present.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

start parking it at a pole or a place thats public property and not private

Re: Moped parking ticket?

i got my second parking ticket today, and both were for parking on a sidewalk lol. I have fake plates so thats funny. Totally going to pay those.

Re: Moped parking ticket?

Just tell them it's your " Emotional support Moped".

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