76 Batavus Hs50

Bruce Zapper /

Does anyone know if on the 76 Batavus Hs50 if the top bar is bolted on, can you take it off.

Top Bar

fallout Survivor /

Top Bar? what top bar, I see pictures of the frame without a bar, .. The tank assembly is one bolt on piece.

http://projectmopedmanual.info/Manuals/Batavus/VA-and-HS50-info.pdf (edited)

Re: 76 Batavus Hs50

Dirty30 Dillon /

Pretty sure it's integral. Haven't looked at an HS50 in awhile though.

Re: 76 Batavus Hs50

bruce - you can ask me all the questions you want about my bike by sending me your phone # it has a welded bar with mounting points for the tank

Re: 76 Batavus Hs50

Comes off with a sawsall or torch.

Re: 76 Batavus Hs50

Bruce Zapper /

Thats all what I wanted to know.


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