Purchasing First Moped

I've found a 1977 Puch Newport on Craigslist (linked below) that I really like, but it seems to be overpriced at $1500. I saw a similar Puch in the Buy/Sell forum last week that was selling for around $700.

1977 Puch Newport

I'm in the Bay Area and it seems like prices here are fairly inflated - is this a reasonable price for this Moped? I haven't found many mopeds recently online, and I am anxious to make a purchase. Is it worth it to give the seller a call to try and negotiate a better price. If so, what is a reasonable price for this moped?

Thanks for you help!

Re: Purchasing First Moped

mike mazzara /

seems hi to me, but it is sweet, most people on craigs list ask more than they will take. I just picked up a 1965 Honda super cub that the guy was asking 1000.00 for and he traded me for a 400.00 dirt bike even up. never hurts to try.

Re: Purchasing First Moped

Patrick Keaton /

The reason that 1977 Puch Newport,should be overpriced,all though the owner may not know this,and have other reasons for it be overpriced, is that is the model you see Toby McGuire riding around on in


Here are some links to some mopeds that have a reasonable price.

The first link ask about buying the BMW Isetta in the picture.






https://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/4672741889.html (edited)

Re: Purchasing First Moped

Holy crap in the back of the first picture behind the two shitty vespas is that an Iseta?!?!?

Re: Purchasing First Moped

^Took the words right out of my mouth and yes I think it is, in the second photo I saw the BMW logo! :)

Re: Purchasing First Moped

Try the Sacramento Criegslist , when last i looked there was a kitted Magnum for $700.00....mind you that was last week...

Re: Purchasing First Moped

It appears to be in excellent condition but don't be too "wowed" by that. Original seat and side covers = Cool. Original tires and cables = Not cool. and none of that is a guarantee that it actually runs. That price is reasonable from a legit shop that has given it some professional attention, new tires, cables, grips, made sure the brakes are good and cleaned out the carb etc but from some random dude who hasn't looked at it since 1977? no way

prices vary hugely across the country and even more in cities vs rural areas. I know that prices over there are higher than average (in some places $400 would be high for that) but that seems too high even adjusting for west coast prices. Def not worth driving any distance for it. you'll find something cheaper and closer for sure.

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Joshua Gerry Wrote:


> I am anxious to make a

> purchase.

> Thanks for you help!

Just trying to be honest, these things are not good reliable transportation, they're cheap hobby toys you have to fix regularly. With a healthy load of time they can be made quite usable,

please do not underestimate the work and complexity of issues with these 40 year old machines.

if you want a hobby, perfect.

if you want transportation, i'd suggest a new tomos or scooter.

even buying a running ped, it won't be long until it needs repair service.

most will agree i'm not being pessimistic , more pragmatic.

there is a steep initial learning curve, myself, with 20 years automotive experience found difficult.

i'm not sure what reasoning you see in buying a moped, analogy is buying a penny farthing to ride with the fixie crowd.

read a few pages of the repair forums, familiarize yourself with the complete wiki linked at the top of the page.

this will kill time while you <patiently> scan the craigslist ads.

Re: Purchasing First Moped

holy cocksfucker that's an epic ripoff

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Steven Whitright /

Joshua - (I'm also in Oakland)

that Newport has been up (without dropping the price from 15) for monthsss - that indicates it is likely overpriced even for the bay (maybe others went and checked it out and discovered it isn't all that nice? maybe the overlap between Tobey Maguire/Spiderman/moped fans who have 15 hundo to spend isn't huge? maybe the right person just hasn't come around?). the price never coming down indicates the seller doesn't need to sell it and is holding off for max profit.

what level of experience do you have with these OR to what degree are you willing to read up and learn?

It looks like ~1500 is the money you have the budget to spend.... so you have a few options (depending on your willingness to work)

A) spend 1200 on a more reliable mode of transport like a scooter or motorcycle where you don't really have to do *much* work yourself. take the extra cash and pay yearly registration + pay to take it into a shop every so often for upkeep

B) spend 700 or so on a running *stock* puch or tomos (parts are easy to find) and take the cash and pay a local shop or person to do work for you... people here will def look down on you for this - it's kinda the antithesis of moped culture (i've never used any of these so I can't attest to quality of work > Motomatic Mopeds, Rockridge two wheels, Scooter Repair Center 510-222-5662, River City Motor Bike 916-807-2458, Bryce Rocket Cycles, some rando CL dude 408-391-1396). WHEN (not if) you break down on the side of the road you'll need to have a contingency plan if you can't self-diagnose/repair

C) spend 700 or so on a running *stock* puch or tomos and learn to work on it

D) many advise against this, but another option (that many people start out with) > spend 100-400 on a non running bike that you'll likely kinda butcher, but will learn a lot from. spend some of the remaining money on parts and TONS of your time tinkering... determine if this is for you. use the wiki, use youtube, search the forums here... when ALL else fails post questions in the repair section. there are bikes that pop up for cheap... if helpful (not all of these are up on CL currently) currently available in the bay right now there's a <$200 trac, a <$125 kinetic tfr, a <$200 puch maxi etc. let me know if you want contacts

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Joshua Gerry /


Thanks for the responses - they are all super helpful.

I'd like to spend $500 - $750 for a bike that runs somewhat reliably (realistic?). My job requires me to be away from home for 3-4 month intervals so I am looking for something that I can have fun riding during the 3-4 month stretches that I am home.

So it seems that the third option posted by Steven (itmok) might be the best bet for me as I'm not sure I have the time for a project bike.

I've read the guide (linked below) and it seems that Puch, Tomos and Minarelli are pretty good options for a first timer (as many of you recommended) because it isn't too hard to find parts should something break.

Re: Purchasing First Moped

Steven Whitright /

I'm on a bouncy bus -so briefly: running <700 bucks - totally possible yes. but do you have a local buddy that can ride it periodically while you're gone so it doesn't sit for 9 months at a time every year?

Re: Purchasing First Moped

Steven Whitright /

this link http://vintagemopeds.net/tips-on-buying-your-first-moped/

as well as the MA wiki page on "first moped" will help you find one that running well if you don't know what to look for. your high end is a lot, you should find something good if you're patient

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