Gas valve leakage.

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I see every so often I have a small gas leàk under my moped. I did some looking and it's underneath kind if where the gas valve (on/off/ reserve) is at. I'm wondering would the gas valve cause a leak or what our your opinions. If so how do you tighten you gas valve with out it not being straight.

Re: Gas valve leakage.

Gas valve = petcock, just for reference.

I've never bought a moped that didn't leak at the petcock. They can usually be disassembled and rebuilt/sealed without much trouble.

They're typically pretty easy to figure out how to disassemble. The lever is usually just press fit, pull it out and start taking it apart and pay attention to the order.

Chances are the rubber gasket under the "switch" is shot, and the source of your leak. I throw them out and replace them with a rubber O-ring of the same diameter (or just a hair big) from the hardware store. Most are gas/fuel/oil safe from my inquiries.

Reassemble and you should be good to go. A little Seal-All

) or liquid gasket on the threads can help too.

As far as getting in there straight, it kind of depends on the petcock, but usually there's one nut/coupler that threads onto/into the tank, and one that the body of the petcock threads into. Start by tightening the petcock to the tank, and then tighten the body down until it "bottoms out" against it. At least, that's roughly how I do it.

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