"IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Hey guys and gals!! I would like to let eveyone know that "IkesBikes" is now an authorized TOMOS Dealer!!

My mission is to provide the best price possible and unequaled service after the sale!! I have a very large supply of parts for Tomos and Puch. I will have used bikes in stock most of the time. I am expecting my first shipment of "NEW" bikes early next week.

So..If you are in the market for a "NEW" or used Tomos, "IkesBikes" would be honored to do business with you!

Thank you,


a.k.a. IkesBikes

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Ron Brown /



You may want to post your location and email address.


Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

hey ike! that rules! congratulations...!

are you going to get a revival in? i'd like to give one of those a testdrive.. :)


Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!


Ya!! I guess that wouldn`t hurt would it?? lol!

IkesBikes is located 30 miles East of Cincinnati Ohio near Georgetown.



My web site WWW. Ikesbikes.com should be up and running soon!!!



Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!


Yes, a Revival is on its way!!

Re: "IkesBikes" Tomos Dealer!!

Totally awesome. Wow-- Ike, that's great news.

Now, can you let us know about modifying the revival??

Have fun!!

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Hey Ike, congratulations!

I still haven't been over to see you, I know, but I keep trying to find a day when it works out with me and a few of the other Cincinnati guys. I have 2 Puchs, so I'd love to pick up a thing or two.

congrats again


Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

congratulations! we'll have to stop by some time.

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Sweet, man!

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Hey Ike, Don`t forget us "small" independant guys, hope we can finally get a break.Hope to get up your way this summer. Doug D (VA)

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

hurry up with the web site.. i've been looking at some new small 125cc kawaski's .. becuase i can't find any moped places to buy a new moped from...

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!


IKE I was wondering if you had any trac parts for a 1086 trac olympic with a daelim engine?

Congratulations Ike

Wish you much success and Happy Trails


Re: Congratulations Ike

InfectedBootSector /

The website won't be too much longer! Gotta get some last minute stuff done and some pictures, and Ike will be set!

Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Ron Brown /


1086 Trac, that was made just after the battle of Hastings. Did you excavate it from a burial mound? : )


Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Cool Ike if i meet any tomos guys i will send them your way.


Re: "IkesBikes" Is OFFICIAL!!!!

Hey Ron, Guess there was a goof, 2-Dougs on here now, I do have a couple of bikes that look like they been thru some battle! HA! Doug D.

ike...i take my helmet off 4 u

Dave Gregory /

nice.......... my friend says he wants a new ped....how much do u charge????


Re: Congratulations Ike

Congrats Ike! We are definately going to come out this spring for a long country ride. Even though it would be easier for you to come here and ride, since you have that big truck. :) I plan on getting a pickup soon! I just have to find a nice used one.

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