a lil problem

I've been riding my '00 Kinetic Magnum for at least a few minutes almost every day. No problems at all.

Yesterday, I went for a ride, I rode about 5 miles and then stopped at a convenience store for about 5 minutes. I came out and went to start my moped...and it wouldn't start. There was plenty of gas in it, the decompression lever was fine, etc. I'd press down on the pedal, and it wouldn't "catch". Finally, after about 15-20 tries, I got it to start, then it ran fine all the way home.

Now I'm a little scared of getting stuck somewhere. Any ideas what the problem was or is?


Re: a lil problem

check your belt tension or clutch it was keeping it from "catching" or cranking the motor therefore not allowing the motor to start..:o) John

Re: a lil problem

Ron Brown /


If "catch" meant the engine did not turn, then John is most likely right. If "catch" meant fire, then consider a new spark plug for starters.

I have 2 basically identical peds and one of them is hard to start if I stop for a short time, like for gas.

I think I have determined that something about the carb gets hot enough that I vapor lock from engine heat when I stop. If my stop is short enough, or long enough, I have no problem.


Re: a lil problem

David F Martin /

I'm not familiar with your bike, but my kickstarter has its own mechanism under the side cover where it goes to the engine. The side cover comes off with the kickstarter and associated workings inside attached.

If yours is similar to mine (kickstart, no pedals), take the side cover off and study the workings. There should be a wound spring and a couple of gears. If something has come loose, you should be able to spot it. It's not too complicated.


Re: a lil problem

yep, it's happened to me, too, esp. in the summer. Used to happen with cars in the '60 before fuel injectors came in: Run the engine hot, make a quick stop and when you try to turn it over, you get vapour lock/flooded engine. Waiting a few minutes usually helps. And as John says, check that sparkplug, the most common, undiagnosed cause of non-starting engines.

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