1986 Honda Gyro S

Hello Army,

I picked up a 1986 Honda Gyro S a while back. Now, I know that it don't have pedals so it's not a real moped. I also, hate it when I click an ad on CL that clearly says moped and they are selling a damn scooter. Anyway, that's another post. In Cali it is a rare breed of 50cc scooters that slipped under the wire and were considered by the DMV to be mopeds. I loaned it to my Dad who rides it around his retirement park and to the store for lotto tickets. He is the envy of every ole geezer in the park and he is proud to not be in a mobility scooter. The starter went out on it and I looked all over creation for a replacement. I found out that a 1985-6 Honda Spree starter has the same guts in it as the Gyro and that all ya need to do is change the mounting plate. I didn't have much success in finding one though. So with the help of a friend we made brushes for it. While working on it one of the rear tires went flat so I set out to get new tires and tubes. Guess what?...... Dunlop don't make them anymore. They are a 4.50-6, K234B. I wanted to know if anyone has tried the 2 ply knobby that is 530x450X6? Or have found any replacement tire? I have seen the vids of the guy that shapes the turf tires and it seems like the long way around.

Thanks, Michael

Re: 1986 Honda Gyro S

Those tires are more rare than hen's teeth. Best of luck.

Re: 1986 Honda Gyro S

Re: 1986 Honda Gyro S

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rebuild the starter, take it apart and clean it, that might do the trick.

Re: 1986 Honda Gyro S

Jesse James(PsyclomoteurMontreal) /

They look like golf cart tires

Re: 1986 Honda Gyro S

I would try and patch it.

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