SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

A buddy of mine wants to sell me his SSR 125cc dirtbike motor new in the box for $175. It comes with engine, carb, intake, CDI, Coil, harness, kickstand and shifter. I have a few Maxi frames in good shape and I was thinking this would be pretty fun to try.

I'm sure some people here have done this type of thing before. Anyone have any success with it?

I know this will not be a very legal ride, but hey, I live in Maine and the cops here don't give a shit.

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

it's a shittier less reliable lifan. the reviews typically lean towards the idea that they're garbage.

That said, people do it, they're fun bikes. Usually I kinda hate on them cuz it's a total cop out to say "oh I can't fix this" and pop in a giant cheap 4stroke.

They're pretty terrible motors too. Lifan apparently makes some OKish ones??? but the ssr are really damn crappy. I guess if it was cheap enough though

It's kindof like to mopeds what a motorized bicycle kit is to legit bicyclists

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

If you top tanked that maxi you might be able to fit it on there

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

Dirty30 Dillon /

175 is a complete rebuild for an E50, with crank and freshened top end....

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

Thank you for all the responses. I'll pass on it.

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

man, i just re-read my last comment and was thinking i had given a nice balanced pro's & con's

like a "maybe it wouldn't be so bad" type answer

but yea that just came out totally "fuck no never"

If someone gave me one, i'd probably put it on something. and a few hundred miles later when it's wholly inoperable and i've got a chopped up bike that only fits a hondaclone, i'd be pretty bummed about having to re-adapt the frame to fit it's original motor again

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

Re: SSR 125cc dirtbike Motor

I have seen that look before and it was problematic

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