buying a Jawa

Been driving to work for the past few weeks, and each day i spotted a black jawa standing in front of a shady used goods store. Finally found out the number of the store today and called to inquire about it.

Things i now know are:

-its black

-Its titled (very important, getting a title will cost about 130 euros)

-its probably late 70s or 80s

-it comes with parts 'some wheels and stuff'

-it will cost me a whopping 50 euros (65 dollars)

what id like to know: what should i look out for when buying one, and how good are jawa engines?

Re: buying a Jawa

You are better off then we are. The only parts source is on your side of the pond. Shipping is often more expensive then the parts themselves. Also there are no performance parts available.

Re: buying a Jawa

Bas Autowas /

been looking for parts, and theyre also not easy to get here. only store is still the one in the czech republic.

it looks a bit like these, but a litle older

Re: buying a Jawa

Patrick Keaton /

Test for strong spark.

They might spark weak,but mine did not run on a weak spark.

I replaced the CDI with another that produced better spark to get it to run.

Re: buying a Jawa

kim jensen /

If its a 210 model motor, then you have a chance to make it go over 30mph. The 207 motor does not have the additional small transfer ports that the 210 does. Nice bike to ride, but you have to be creative with mods and such. Can't beat the price!

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