e50 stock clutch issue

Hey guys

I have a swinger 2 with the e50 and 2 shoe clutch. I recently put on a proma circuit pipe and wanted to get into clutch tuning it. When I popped it open the screws were 1.5 turns backed out from flush and that doesn't seam right.

I set it to 1.5 turns in from flush for a starting point and my rear tire stated spinning pretty hardcore to the point that holding the rear brake kills the bike because of the early engagement.

This seams like the opposite of what is supposed to happen. Would this indicate some kind of clutch damage like its bent? What is the normal stock spring setting on a stock 2 shoe or does it vary based on your bike?

Re: e50 stock clutch issue

Probably Fred /

You messed with adjustment of the starter clutch or something is binding

I hope you didn't remove your clutch cover lever.


Re: e50 stock clutch issue

Nic Schwinn /

nope didn't remove starter lever, left it on the clutch cover when i took the cover off and didn't mess with it besides moving the arm to see how it worked.

Re: e50 stock clutch issue

your need to shim your clutch drum/bell properly. the clutch is most likely rubbing the starting plate surface. i'm assuming your clutch hand lever, cable, and cover lever are all working properly.

Re: e50 stock clutch issue

^what these guys said. All good things to check. in addition, you shouldn't tune your clutch by counting turns of the screw, it's inaccurate. the most accurate way is to use a fishing scale to measure the exact poundage it takes for the shoes to swing out. Here's a good blog post about how to go about tuning this way:http://beskilledorbekilled.tumblr.com/post/193126246/how-to-tune-a-puch-e50-clutch

Hope you get it figured out!

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