Of course high price

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Ya like 60% more than Kelly bluebook value.

Ya what else is new but it comes with like 500 moles? I've had mice though dead on my moped before but I don't know if I could deal with a Pack of moles . And "ride now anywhere 100"

Is that for a test ride or for the day? 100 per ride is kind expensive.

Wow has the A3 SLAUTO ultra rare three speed transmission?

This bike is a deal of a lifetime and just think of all the fun you could have with all the moles. You could put them in your neighbors garden, scare your friends/co workers (edited)


Re: Of course high price

Moles? Bahahahaaa! Put them in yer neighbors yard? Yer killin'me!

Actually though,that bike IS worth 1000 bucks or maybe 1100 with low MOLEAGE! don-ohio (:^)

Re: Of course high price

Re: Of course high price

HaHaHaaaa! THAT'S one of those MOLEPEDERS there! Get him! don-ohio

Re: Of course high price

so are the moles under the bike or is the bike under the moles?

Re: Of course high price

Hopefully the bikes run over the moles! LOL! don

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