decompression problem

Today as I left work my moped (sachs carrier I, 1986) started just fine. The problem started after I went to the local convience store where when I tried to start the ped using the decompression lever, it seemed like nothing was happening. I used the spacer at the end of the lever to add some tension to the line and that barely helped. I needed to really run the moped for the engine to turn over and finally it started but I really got scared that moped wasn't going to start. It almost seemed like I wasn't pulling that cable at all. This is my first sachs engine and I'm not sure where that cable runs to inside the engine. Is it possible that it could have slipped? Is there anything else that could cause that problem?


Re: decompression problem

Ron Brown /


I am surprised that no one has responded to this post. I am not familiar with sachs, but a decompression valve is a small, spring loaded valve in the cylinder head, that vents the combustion chamber when you operate it.

Most of them seem to operate by having the end of the cable anchored to the head, then when you pull on the cable, the outer part of the cable presses on a lever that opens the valve.

If you can see the end of the cable, it should be simple enough to figure out how yours works.

Most of these cables use "set screw" nipples on one end, so it is possible for them to slip.


Re: decompression problem

Hi, sorry no computer at work lately.... try a search on sachs decompression, I have a picture up here somewhere showing how it should be hooked up. There is, on some sachs's a set screw that allows you to pull the cable to tighten it. If it's as far as it goes, take off the cover that has 5 screws holding it on. Tranny fluid will spill everywhere, but you will have a screw that you can adjust to give you a little more tension. This should help a bit. Be careful of the gasket and refill it till it just starts to leak out of the fill hole on the side with type F transmission fluid.

reply again if you need more help.

Re: decompression problem solved!!

All it took was a tightening of the cord at the lever. It was a good thing this happened because for the sake of being thorough, I opened up my transmission case to see if the end of the cord was slipping on that side. What I found was that earlier I forgot to put a necessary spacer back in the right place (d'oh!). I fixed that and tightened the cord and everything is running really well. whew! Thanks for the help ron (again!), and mbartell.


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