puch maxi engine differences?

I have a 1986 Puch Maxi with a single speed engine. I am trying to buy seals and bearings but am not sure if mine is a needs 3 seals the same (17/40/7) or 2 of these and a (22/40/7).

as my bike is a 1986 I'm assuming its the new model and i should go for the first option. Is there anyway to tell from the engine number.

Also are there any other differences i.e. bearing sizes?


Re: puch maxi engine differences?

Depends on what crank you're going to use. Most aftermarket cranks you will need the 22 mm id seal (except for this one https://www.treatland.tv/puch-E50-top-crankshaft-p/puch-top-crankshaft.htm ). The difference is in the seal journal that's right against the crank lobe on the clutch side. Most cranks have a larger journal, and a step to locate the bearing. Some, like the top crank, the journal od / seal id is the same id as the bearing, and you have to use a circlip in-between to locate the bearing.



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