JAWA or Tomos Targa

I am into Eastern Bloc shit (I own a Trabant 601, Yugo, Tomos TX50) so this JAWA is right up my alley.


Well OK Slovenia (former part of Yugoslavia) and Yugoslavia itself wasn't exactly an Eastern Bloc nation but you get the idea.

I was hoping to trade the guy a Snapper lawnmower, air compressor or something I had laying around I was not using but he wants $100 for it. I have not looked at it. I don't know if it even runs.

After discovering what parts that are available for my Kinetic TFR are either used, interchanges with a Ciao, repaired or borrow from another moped. I'm not sure if I want to get something else hard to find parts for. So how many of you JAWA guys are out there? What about this moped? I take it, it is not variated but does it weigh less than a Kinetic and go up hills better before the clutch starts to slip?

I found Tomos Targa for $350. Looks like it's in good condition.


Not a big fan of the Targa (would rather have a Sprint of ST) but I do like the up hill torque my A35 engine and two speed transmission has on my TX50 minibike.

I suppose what I am getting at is if you live in an area with alot of hills, I suppose the Targa would be the best choice.

Maybe once I get my Kinetic running again, I'll know if it will make it up some of the hills I plan on taking it up.

If I want to do alot of pedaling, I'd ride my 20 lb Mongoose instead of my 100 lb Kinetic..

Re: JAWA or Tomos Targa

definitely buy the Targa

you won*t regret it

a Jawa purchase you will regret

that said, i like Jawas

just need to know how to fix

them and sometimes when

to give up.

but they can be fixed

Re: JAWA or Tomos Targa

Bad Cadillac™ /

Get the Tomos hands down...

Re: JAWA or Tomos Targa

Patrick Keaton /

Get the JAWA,and try to trade for it.

Get the Tomos Targa and try to trade for it,or do part cash part trade.

Re: JAWA or Tomos Targa

I don't like the looks of the fuel tank (or it's cover) and the headlight flaring. I think the headlight flaring can me removed so it looks like a moped instead of a touring bike.

Not sure if that's the fuel tank or a cover.

Tomos is known for adding alot of plastic covers that tends to break easily. Like over the fuel tank, side covers, etc.

Here is what a Tomos TX50 looks like with it's original flairing:

Most of the flaring on mine was busted when I got it. I removed the fuel tank cover,side panels and the oval number plate and I think it looks much better with out it. Seems like the rear fenders always break on these bikes so I made one out of fiberglass. Have not been able to ever find a new or used one off Ebay. I've contacted people on Ebay parting out TX50s and nobody seems to have a rear fender.

The fuel tank rusted out so I replaced it:


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