Minarelli V1 vs Morini M1

I was reading on the wiki that "Many Minarelli engine parts can be interchanged with Morini Franco Motori engine parts due to the extreme similarities in design and construction."

I see similar bearings and such and know carburetors are pretty universal, but how much is really interchangeable between the engines?

Are cylinders or clutches interchangeable? I didn't think they were?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Minarelli V1 vs Morini M1

Re: Minarelli V1 vs Morini M1

It is misleading. Just about nothing will interchange.

Re: Minarelli V1 vs Morini M1

The MInarelli flyside seal is better than the franco-Morini MO2 flyside seal and interchanges.I am not sure if it interchanges with the M1. don-ohio

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