I'm Outta Here!

I'm gone to our 10th(!) annual camp for burn injured kids. I'll be offline for the next 9 or 10 days so....miss me!

If you get bored please go to www.GFBF.org and poke around until you find the camp pics from previous years. Man, it's a good time! Everybody be careful out there!

Exit, stage left (while genuflecting in Fred's general direction).

Re: I'm Outta Here!

gimmyjimmy /

Camp Oo-U-La

What a great thing to do for those kids and their parents, are you a counselor?

Re: I'm Outta Here!

Welp, I've been with the camp for 8 of it's 10 years and started out as a counselor. Two years ago I started a CIT (Counselor in Training) program to transition campers into counselors when they turned 18. We didn't have one in place and we were losing kids when they turned 18. They are just too valuable a resource as a role model to the younger kids to let them get away. So, I'm the CIT coordinator and on the planning committee as well.

Yanno...There's probably a burn camp in your State as well and they're ALWAYS looking for vounteers. I'll promise you that if you ever do it you'll always go back. It really is that much fun. Why else woud I yammer incessantly about it! lol,

Ok, I'm really leaving in about an hour so... AMF!

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