12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Oh hello...

So this got built.. and here are the reasons why it's not a big deal:

1. No disc breaks... noob

2. All black... really? another all black moped? get a life

3. No hpi... low class pietcard power, snooze

4. No hammer... lighted stock clutch? But the pipe doesn't hit till 8k!

5. 12AM ... who names their moped? honestly?

6. Headlight rock shield... like this is some flat tracker?

7. Top tank... it's a moped bro, just buy a motorcycle already

8. No V-force... why even breath son?

Here's what my laziness did produce:

a. made a seat pan

b. stretched the swing arm

c. made tail light out of old blinker

d. lightened a stock clutch with blue springs

e. added material to case on flywheel side

f. cut and modified fan cover

g. fabricated new 21mm intake for the Gila

h. made electrical bracket under the side covers

i. made mounting hardware for rear fender

j. put motomarina forks om it

k. made bracket for tach and temp

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Here's a long list of people I need to thank in no particular order: Austin, Jim, Derek, Nate/Motomatic, Dan Ott, Richard, Quinn/Lucky 2 Stroke, Benji/Treats, Wayne, Patriot Up., Miguel Rivera, Angelo, Angel, Metalworks.. and others...

Here's some nudes in the wild:

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Digging the recycled tail light and fender combo mount. Well thought.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

I like the color, the rest though...jk nice build, it's clean.

What pipe?

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Thanks Derek.. maybe not innovative but as you said, "clean"..

the pipe is a Motomatic Destroyer.. Nate originally built it for this setup I believe.. a Gila V1 on a General/Lazer... the hanger bracket is for serious..

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

simple. elegant. mean.


Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Probably Fred /

Nice !

I have the same tires on one of my bikes they're horrible for anything other than a dry perfect Road you should change them right now before you hit any dust or damp spots on the road and wipe out. Well could probably leave the one on the back but the front one change for sure.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Good to know Ken, thanks for the heads up.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

I saw this bike at the hand built show in Texas... There was a line of people trying get a good view, and a line of ladies asking to sit on it!

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

The ladies like the little guy... wait a sec..

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Very nice!...send me a pic of the gila/reed all cleaned up if you got one!

Super clean bike :)

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

sexyyyy, now let's see it in action at our Fall Ride!

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

This is a great build.

All I would change is to fill the two holes on the fender with tiny carriage bolt heads.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Looks just as nice in person!

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Cool....But either be proud of your build or dont. This whole I built this and its rad but its also dumb this is kind of stupid.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Dirty30 Dillon /

Killer Job, nice to see it completed.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Fucking sweet! blacker than black.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Mike, he was just doing all the hating your you (8mile style) and you still found a way to hate! Congrats MA

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)


I appreciate trying to hate for me, but i gotta still hate the headlight grill. It's a real recent peeve, but damn, i hate em.

that said, great works

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Ha! Will - I was thinking of you when I made that particular remark.. Come to our rally next year and I let you use a cutting torch to remove it..

Cheetah - I thought about it but figured I'd leave them in case it finds a home in a state that requires plates..

Mike - I hear you.. I guess the often too common non-constructive criticism on MA inspired me to preemptively critique the known short comings.. and just because I see those areas of improvement doesn't necessarily mean I'm not proud of the build.. more a recognition that I, and the ped, have room to be better.. and a healthy dose of New England cynicism/sarcasm.. Hope things are well in Chicago!

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Derek L TYTYTY /

So cool.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Here are some pics of the seat pan/pad process...

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Is aight

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)


Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

How much for this bike?

I'm itnerested.

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

I hope to get to this point someday. At least I was there when during the seat pan process! hehe

Re: 12AM : Rogue Builds (pictures)

Jason Collier /

coolest bike in westport that actually runs id say. haha

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