tomos a35 or a3

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What's better to build up want to mod it to max but still like to have reliability

Re: tomos a35 or a3

They're about the same when it come to "modding them to the max". You'll blow up stock clutches on either one, although with the a35 you can get a ktm 1st clutch and shortly hammer clutches may be available. The a35 has a better stock crank (12mm needle small end), but assuming you're running aftermarket cranks, both will have a 12mm needle small end. The a3 internal gear ratio is slightly different, but other than that they have basically the same potential. The A55 has the same transmission as the a35, but with bigger transfers on the crankcases. Some A55's might not have been balanced as well as the earlier bikes, but if you've got an aftermarket crank that leaves only the clutch bell to replace/balance.

Re: tomos a35 or a3

depends how max you're talkin.

a3 has crappier cylinders cranks intakes carbs and arguably worse ignition (being points)

slap on a reed kit and pipe to an a35 and you already got a good CDI, reeds n intake & tunable carb, could do 50 pretty cheapo.

If you're goin full out w/ like 12mm crank new ignition kit pipe carb intake reeds etc etc I guess the only thing left is the a3 has a slightly better transmission. and more street cred (BTDC - before tomos dont count)

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