Chainsaw Clutch

Looking around, these things look almost identical to the hammer-style clutch, but significantly cheaper.

Seems like something worth trying... but I suppose if it was that easy, more people would be doing it. Seems the hardest part would be getting one the same size as like a puch clutch (along with cutting the taper). Maybe get one with no lining, add enough lining to compensate for the size difference?

Who's modded one for a ped before? Anyone wanna share their experience?

C.W. - here's your chance to show off those chainsaw clutches you brag about all the time :) (edited)

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

Don't think so. There is no friction material there so it would be metal on metal, not good


Re: Chainsaw Clutch

Like I said, put some friction material on them to make up for any space difference. You'd want to put some on either way. There are ones the same as this with friction material as well. So yeah that's not stopping me lol

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

tomar is what you want.

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

Seems like a sound idea on the cheap, let us know how it works.

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

Daniel '' Wrote:


> tomar is what you want.

I had planned to try the tomar mini for sachs but after looking into it more i found out that after everything needed to mod it to install itd end up being nearly $400 ...maybe $325 for someone able to do the machining and welding on the their own. And that is without even knowing whether or not it can be used wet as its a dry pack.

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

Tomar seems pretty rad on Whitey's bike

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

chainsaw clutches are non slipper clutches, more of a dry on/off engagement .

but it would probably work good in a bath of oil, i think wayne put the friction material on the bell.

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

♣Slew Foot♣ /

look up the dolmar dragster on the intertube'

16 chainsaw powered drag bike,

sorta cool, like bozo the clown...

Re: Chainsaw Clutch

I used to build chainsaw scooters and shit as a kid and these clutches worked just fine.

They overheat pretty easy though.

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