New 1996 Tomos targa lx

hey everyone, i scored a used tomos the other day, it has a few small problem but it runs and all the lights work, i need a new magneto cover but thats it and its still ride able with the broken cover so the kick start wont work, and the front sprocket is exposed. I'v already painted the rims black, the fork dust covers, the rear swing arm, all black with clear coat (i'll post pics later in this thread). But anyway i was wondering if any of you had an opinion on finding a new magneto cover, up jet sizes, tips, anything because im new to owning a moped and would like to know more.


Re: New 1996 Tomos targa lx

1st welcome id suggest becoming best friends with the wiki especially the stuff having to do with ur brand of bike

2nd this this (with caution from what iv heard the shipping can either be onpoint or really slow) and this will be ur main sources for parts as well as the buy and sell on these forums i know treatland and 1977 sell jets for u carb u most likely will need to make a post on buy sell for your cover if non of the places iv linked sell it

and finally 3rd welcome to the frustration and happiness that is mopeds

Re: New 1996 Tomos targa lx

hahaha well thank you for the links, these really help alot!

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