PLEASE HELP: ZUMA II or A Derbi Revolution GS???


I'm hoping to get some advice...I can't decide which one to buy. I've already test drove an derestricted Dervi Revolution GS moped and I was amazed with the quick accerlation (used to own a Tomos Targa LX that goes 40-45 mph). My local dealer carries this moped for $1900 and I know a new ZUma is $2000. From what I could tell the Zuma has better brakes (disc) and the Derbi only had a 120 mm drum brake (more responsive that my Tomos...No trouble stopping when riding 40 mph)...I just don't want to end up spending some much money upgrading the moped or scooter and later realize that it sucks (like my Tomos..). The suspensions on both models are pretty much the same...I love the handling on my Tomos, but I just hate the slow accerlation and the engine performance. Anyways, any help would be greatly app.



RE: PLEASE HELP: ZUMA II or A Derbi Revolution GS?

whats the top speed on the derbi, and what kind of acceleration does it have compared to your tomos (does ur tomos have any engine mods?)

RE: PLEASE HELP: ZUMA II or A Derbi Revolution GS?

According to the Web site ( the revolution has a max of 5,8 CV a 7.500 r.p.m (i'm not sure how that translates), but I heard from someone that this moped can ride around 50 mph. I'm just so disappointed with my tomos...(has biturbo exhaust, 27 tooth speedo, enlarged jet; runs anywhere from 40-50 mph depending on the weather, but the accerlation is slow as hell). Right now, I'm kinda leaning towards the Derbi revolution GS instead of the ZUma, b/c they both have almost the same components and I know that the derbi would probably be easier to sell later on. Anyways getting a zuma requires me to get a motorcycle lin, but I don't think the cops would care about it.

RE: PLEASE HELP: ZUMA II or A Derbi Revolution GS?

I was going to ask you if the Yamaha required a MC license... but you already know.

I would think the Yamaha would be easier to sell (in the US) because everybody has heard of Yamaha, and there are Yamaha dealers all over the place, I don't even know of one Derbi dealer.

Plus that Yam Zuma has a reputation as a very high performance 50.

If it gets the same reputation as the Yam YSR50 it will become a "cult bike" which are worth what they were bought for 17 years ago... you can't say that for many bikes.

I recommend a moped

I know the Zuma from reputation, but don't know much about the Derbi. Scooters in general are rather OK, but if you have $2000 to spend ... I'd recommend looking for a really cherry vintage moped. You will probably have better sales representation and work with the Zuma, but any repairs will not be easy for yourself. With an actual moped, you'd be able to get it fixed on your own. You could still save TONS of money (since most peds in great condition go for $300 or so). If you are in Wisconsin (form your IP address), you should check "Scooter Therapy". They have vintage mopeds most of the time. And they will repair them no problem. Also, they care Avanti mopeds.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-scooter. I even have a Yamaha Razz. But I do think mopeds are a bit cooler. And you shouldn't spend $2000 on anything that is not a true motorcycle. It's just not cost-effective. My moped cost me $300 but was in very cherry condition and I've put another $100 (less than) to make a few modifications and such. You could probably get a nice Puch or Garelli very cheap and have it running for less than $400 total. Check them out.

Save the rest of that money for later!

RE: I recommend a moped

I think Miguel is right. You shouldn't spend so much money on a moped. Besides, how can a moped be worth $1900? Revolution GS goes for only $900 new in Spain. For $1900 you can get my bike, a Bultaco Astro (50 cc), with over 8HP stock plus great tuning available. It runs well over 65 mph stock anyway. I don't recommend buying a moped for $1900, although Revolution GS is a very fast moped and has fast acceleration.

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