Need One Measurement (A35 Frame)

Anyone wanna take there tank off or have a disassembled frame? Need this last measurement to mout my tank to my A3 frame.


Re: Need One Measurement (A35 Frame)


Re: Need One Measurement (A35 Frame)

If you have the tank you could get the measurements from that. The rear mount is simple. Make the front mount based on the distance from the bushing pockets on the frame to the notch on the front of the tank where it fits close to the head tube. Leave a little gap. The gap from the factory is probably like 1 1/2". Once you get that situated just make the rear mount to match.

Re: Need One Measurement (A35 Frame)

Yeah I'm sure I can do some figuring, just hopin someone could give me the stock distance. Anyone able to get it for me?

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