dh bike forks on ped frame?

the ones I have are 1 1/8", newer ones are 1.5. I think mopeds use 1"?

have to be some way the 1 1/8 ones can fit?

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

Hire a magician.

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

Moped is not a universal term. Bikes have many different tube dimensions and not even one manufacturer might be standardized throughout the model range.

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

Francis Cronley /

I'm trying to fit dirt bike forks onto my Sachs G3, this is proving to be difficult. Off you decide to do this, make sure you get a smaller or same sized center tube. Otherwise you might be looking for a bearing that doesnt exist.

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Just get this Tomos.

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

Bicycle forks are not really suited, or easily fit on a moped. So far I like MB5 forks for disc brakes and RT100 forks for drum brakes. Most other forks are too long overall to be a practical swap. A lot of small bike forks are for smaller wheels but may work, just gotta try them.

The RT forks are 30mm diameter and the MB5 are 27mm.

I have fork sets from MB5, RT100, SL100, TTR125L Hodaka 100, and a few others to try fitting on a ped.

The MB5 forks will accept the brake caliper from KX80, KX85, KX100, RM80, YZ80 and other small mx bikes.

Re: dh bike forks on ped frame?

you can totally make them fit with proper bearings cups and cones. it's pretty stupid to do though since most (decent) dh bike forks are worth more thank your moped, and you can get much more appropriate and better fitted forks for less

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