trail tech vapor questions.

First off wanna say, nice little computer. Just have a few questions on it.

1) the tach, how many wraps do you guys do and how can I verify accuracy? Its saying my idle is around 5000-7000 but it bounces around alot, in the manual it says if it bounces around alot to wrap it more, will try to get around to that tomorrow but well see, also I used wire tape to secure it to ignition cable, anyone do something a little more quality? Only thought I could come up with..

2) the speedometer, where is a good place to mount this, I have no clue where to put this. Seems like my only option is to get epoxy. Really want to avoid that if I can, anyone successful in using bolts to mount it?

Lastly, I also picked up the 27 x 1mm thread puller, as per treats says the HPI calls for it. Problem is that the threads are too fine on the puller, is it 27 x 2mm or what?


Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Don't wrap it Splice it directly into the input to your HT coil. The inductive pickup tends to suck huge balls and is difficult to get right on some bikes with high interference.

For the speedo mount the pickup anywhere you want, preferably closer to the center of the wheel (on the brake hub) to reduce the likelihood of the magnet being ejected. If you got the one meant for the quad which has a straight, threaded mounting point, ditch that and get the universal pickup that comes with double sided tape and is contoured to be stuck to the inside of a fork leg. Peel the tap and stick it level with the magnet as close to it as you can, then drink a beer, because you are done.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Tyler Movchan /

Not sure if I got the one meant for a quad? This is the brcket that was shipped

So you're saying splice the tach wire into the orange wire from the cdi box into condenser?

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

NB0tt aholetechbro /

Splicing it in and wrapping it around a few times or several times I never could get it to be accurate. Similar issue for me with the idle rpm's being way higher than it really is.

I used that bracket but cut it down to the size/shape needed and used a bit of jbweld on the magnet to make sure it stayed put on the wheel.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Yes that one, its meant to bolt to the brake caliper of a quad.

If you have a cdi, should should not have a condenser. I mean the wire leading from the cdi to the coil, yes.

And NB0tt did you ever try change the ppr? It needs to be on 2 or it will read double the rpm. The cdi actually fires twice per rev.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Tyler Movchan /

NBott, are you saying you could never get it right at all or did you find a fix? I read to reset it while running to recalibrate all inputs but have not tried.

And Ryan, im not entirely sure I understand what your saying in your middle sentence, can you elaborate? And can you post a link for the product I need in order to be able to use the speedo feature on my puch.

And does anyone have the data setting inputs needed to get normal moped numbers? Im still reading 16k rpms at idle

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Tyler Movchan Wrote:


> So you're saying splice the tach wire into the

> orange wire from the cdi box into condenser?

You state here that you have a cdi box. A condenser is specific to a points ignition system, and so you should not have or need one. So I instead state that you should be using the signal from the wire leading from the cdi DIRECTLY into the coil.

Double sided tape, stick it to the inside of your fork leg. Easy peasy, clean and out of the way.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Tyler Movchan /

Ohh, I was thinking HT coil.. so when you say coil you mean HT coil correct? Cause I wired the cdi box to HT coil wire (the orange lead) right in with the rpm lead from the vapor.

I think my error lies in programming the computer, pretty sure I set it up for 1 pulse operation not 2 like you said to do. I looked for a thread on programming for a moped but no luck..

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Yes tapped right into the ht lead.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

There are many threads on trail tech install issues.

do a search. They are pretty old.,3351021,3354843

There are more.

Installing a resister in line for the tach will settle it down nicely. And I found wrapping the coil wire gets the best results. I've done it all. MY vapor is dead on accurate now and I rely on it every ride.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Tyler Movchan /

Well I do have some 100k resistors for my flame rectification simulators laying around, think that high a resistance would work or stick with 3k? And is that with wrapping it around plug wire or wiring into the cdi lead?

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

Mikey Antonakakis /

Didn't have any issues with mine. If tach is reading too high, well, do less wraps. 5ish is around what you want. Keep it in place with electrical tape.

For the speedo, just figure it out. Zip-tie the sensor to your fork, put the magnet anywhere on your wheel. Use epoxy for the magnet, but if you don't want to use epoxy, and you have steel wheels, put it on the inner diameter of your rim and cross your fingers that it doesn't fly away.

It's not that complicated. If it doesn't work, try a different way.

Re: trail tech vapor questions.

ON my SV650 the magnet was just stuck to the inner part of the brake rotor. It held over 100mph.

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