Whats it worth?!

Hey guys!

Looking to sell my 1979 Montgomery Ward (Silver) 49cc moped and have no idea what its worth. It runs great, has a new carb and is all stock besides an AMF speedometer. It has coolant sealed in the walls of the cylinder which isn't something I've seen before. The motor also shifts in its position (its mounted on two springs) to allow for a different gear ratio (or so I'm assuming.) I also have the original owners manual for it. Like I said, its all stock and runs great, about 38mph downhill and 30 on the flats.

I need to sell it to get another project, but have zero idea what its worth. Any ideas?!

Oh yeah, and it looks identical to this one..


Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Whats it worth?!

Overpriced Parts /

Like many step through mopeds not worth what a top tank bike is worth .

It's not a highly desirable bike because very few performance parts or parts in general are available for it .

If you get 3-400.00 for it take the money and run

Re: Whats it worth?!

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Ken Roff Wrote:


> If you get 3-400.00 for it take the money and run

If you can get $250, take it and run, and I'm the only Open Road fan on this site.

Oh yeah, and it looks identical to this one..

nope, need a pic of yours, I know everything there is to know about these pieces of shit. Why, oh why, did that have to be my first bike.

Re: Whats it worth?!

Brent Bublitz /

Some guy was trying to sell one forever a while ago, no bites. It's just to much of a pain in the ass. No parts availability, etc.

Re: Whats it worth?!

Oh man... well luckily I've got a guy coming to pick it up this week. Seems like I lucked out.

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