Couple Questions about the Solo Odyssey 40/2

I'm new to this forum but have owned and worked on mopeds for a couple years now. I have the chance to purchase a Solo Odyssey 40/2 that's in great shape and because the current owner (and I, for that matter) has no idea, I was wondering what the top speed is because due to lack of aftermarket parts, it won't be getting any faster. Also, where could I find even stock parts for it? I've never really seen them around. Thanks in advance!

Re: Couple Questions about the Solo Odyssey 40/2

Here Is something. Bosch 0212-124-039 6V xx/x Odyssey 40/2 ———- Solo engine

clockwise rotation

1214-210-069 ignition armature

1214-210-064 generator armature

1214-210-490 generator armature Stuff is out there you have to look (edited)

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