70cc kit for 82 Eagle 1

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a 70cc kit out for a 1982 Eagle 1,or something similar, and where i could buy it. I live like 2 minutes from Handy Bikes,maybe there is one there? If so how much. I understand it is hard to find ANY performance parts for any type of Sachs, so all help is appreciated. Thanks

Re: 70cc kit for 82 Eagle 1

chuck russo va /

i dont think they make one

Re: 70cc kit for 82 Eagle 1

Also adding to my post of the 70cc kit I was wondering how I can attach a windshield to my Eagle. I saw the pic of the Hartlett and I think it looks badass. I have a windshield from a motorcycle and I think it will serve great Any help will be great considering that not to many people have windshields on their peds. Thanks

Re: 70cc kit for 82 Eagle 1

Kevin Harrell /

Try looking at bicycle supply places on the web. I have seen cool winshields that are areodinamic that are made for bicycles. Wood look cool on a ped, and posibly get you an extra Mph or two.

Re: 70cc kit for 82 Eagle 1

they do make a 78cc kit for a eagle 1.....i have an 82 as well......but i live 10 minutes from handy bikes.........the site is in german.......but they are the only ones i know of that make hi-po sachs parts......and quite a few as well........the site is http://warenkorb.parsimony.net/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?shop=3948&product=tuning&cart_i... they make carbs and pipes also..............

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