Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, one wanted to hardwire extra 12V lights into a Puch Maxi wiring setup. Can it be done, should it be done, and how would it be done?

Re: Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

Only lights I have wired up without stator modifications are LEDs.

I don't claim to know anything about electrics, but it seems to me one would have to either get a 12v lighting coil if you wanted to run 12v lights.

Re: Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

Andy Dickson /

Well I'm already running a 70cc kit on a 12 volt generator with 12 volt bulbs, so it behooves me to think that it's doable.

Re: Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

Ok. You have the power, whats the problem?

Re: Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

what's the wattage of your coil? I dont know is not an answer.

what is the wattage total of your current lighting system?

if you draw more than your coil you wont have lights.

conversely if you have too much wattage coming out and nowhere to regulate it you'll pop your bulbs. it's a balancing act or you run a regulator.

basically most mopeds CANT run a lot of lights because they dont generate enough current. it has nothing to do with voltage other than usually increasing the voltage CAN increase current, but it really had more to do with how the coil was wound and how big the magnet spinning is and how far the coil is from that spinning magnet.

for example. tomos' usually have 50w. they run a 35w headlight and a 5w tail light and a 10 w brake light. when all the lights are on you get 50 watts!!! so you cant add anything or all your lights will dim.

Re: Hardwiring xtra lights onto Puch

***Kim Jong illest*** /

I have a stock tomos iskra cdi on my puch e50 and I am running 3 headlights, speedo bulb and two tail lights and they are BRIGHT!!!! All 1156s. This option takes an advanced knowledge of timing but is an AWESOME way to go.

This is something I've had a lot of experience with. An easy way to go is to get a stock tomos points ignition if running puch tomos or sachs. Just use the stock flywheel for the brand. Its good for the standard headlight, both tail lights, and even the speedo bulb if you can find a volkswagon shop (easiest, they came on old vws dashlights, 6 and 12v) they can be found for next to nothing.

The puch internal ignition stators from treats are a great way to get bright lights and a cleaner, less hassle ignition. A lil pricey but DEFINITELY worth it.

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