What kind of Moped? + California Tip

I just moved to LA from NYC and I'd like to get a moped. The only thing is that there are so few out there on the market that I can't figure out what is an appropriate price. I think that I'd like a circa 1980 Puch or something similar, but I'm not sure--does anybody recommend a particular make/model? What should I look for? Low mileage?

Also, I imagine that any moped I get will have been garaged for quite a while so I bet that it will need a tune up. Anyone know any moped mechanics in LA? I'd like to have a pro give it the once over before I start trying to work on it myself.



PS - Maybe I'm stating the obvious to you afficianados, but I was happily surprised when I went to the DMV here and found that if you get form #REV230 (registration form for "Motorized Bicycle"), fill it out and send it in with a check for $6, you will get your registration and a plate back in the mail.

Re: What kind of Moped? + California Tip

I meant form "REG. 230", not "REV"



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Dave Gregory /

you should go w/a puch.... they last a long time.. i'd consider what you would like better, power or speed. but you really dont need a mechanic....theres plenty of ppl on here that know about peds, and that can help you with any problem. before you buy u should post up the make/model price thats being asked, miles and condition of the ped.


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Welcome to LALA Land, Jeffrey.

I agree with Dave. Puchs are easy to come by and easy to fix as long as you don't buy a dog.

The only moped shop here in the L.A. area still in active business is Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton.

Sean there is a top notch wrench and 50CC speed record holder.

And yes, everything is 30 miles away from everything else.


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I agree with you Jim, Shaun the professer of mopeds. i have got to him for many problems that no one could pin point, he has.He is a master of the trade.And i'm in Pa.


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i recommend minarelli or other italian mopeds. and ... there are (apparently) lots of vespas in california (and some vespa moped repair shops).

Welcome to the Hotel California

Welcome to the Hotel California,

Try the Recycler on line http://www.recycler.com/asp/AdResults.asp?sKW=moped&bIP=0&cmdBtn=Find+It%21&bAnd=1&sAC=%27All%27&iAA=&optWtd=&optSrc=&curNP=&curXP=&iNYr=&iXYr=&bIP=0&iSC=5000

Talk to Shaun at Myrons Mopeds, The Best of the West. He also may have some used peds.

Shop around, there are lots of mopeds in So Cal.

Good luck and Happy Trails

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Ryan Knazur /

what kind do u have and will u sell it to mr for 200 because i wont to have one soon.

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