kansas city moped people

I was wondering how many Kansas city mopeders are here being I'm half way in between kc and des Moines just trying to figure out if there is anything ever going on in kc being Iowa needs the moped regestered and I don't live in Iowa that's a no go.

Re: kansas city moped people

Hey Nick. There are a hand full of moped wrenches and riders here in KC. Most notable amongst us would be Kevin ( organ robin ) Rebecca, and myself.

The scene here is small so we team up with a scooter group called Scootie Tang. They are a great group of quality guys who are always down to ride. There are weekly rides and an open facebook group that anyone with 50cc's in KC posts on if they are feeling like cruising around town.

If you are feeling like making a trip to KC, let me know when and we can get a group together to take you on a ride.

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