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Hello from the UK!

A few weeks ago I bought a 1980 Garelli Katia - well, I bought a box of bits and a frame! Was sold as complete and I reckon it is, but having some electrical woes. Engine doesn't run, I think the problem may be with the wiring around the magneto. Doesn't look like it has enough wires - the wiring diagrams show three wires leaving the magneto, this only has two. I'll post some pics up to see if you guys out there can help me trace my issues!

I'm beginning to lose patience and think about converting to electrical ignition over mechanical.

Anyone else got one / had one / worked on one?


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Francis Cronley /

How much did you pay? That looks like a mess.

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judging by the rest of the ped, you need to pull the flywheel off to inspect and trace the wiring behind it.

freds guide is an ok place to start with troubleshooting, but it's weak on spark diagnosis.

most US garellis have the 3 wire, points ignition.

feed to lights, feed to ignition coil, and feed to brake light / ignition ground.

start with checking for spark, clean the fuel system.

cleaning the ignition points behind the flywheel can be done thru the windows, but won't tell you the stator coil wiring.

here's a wiki link for you to start with, may answer some of your questions.

Category:For Newbies

feel free to add to this thread any discoveries, picture links help alot.


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Holy shit. That is a fuckin mess. As to your question, a garelli ignition only has 3 wires coming out of it. Black is spark, yellow is headlight and the remainder is tail light

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£40 which is about USD$70.

Re: Garelli Katia Project

Lol at losing patients without actually doing anything to the ped.

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Sorry did I say I hadn't done anything? My apologies - i've put around 16 hours of time into re-building it to find out how complete it is, stripping it all back down again, preparing the frame for paint, trying to source a few missing pieces, reading up on how magnetos work and trying some basic fault-finding with a multimeter. Electrics aren't my strong point.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

patience is a virtue. You can be patient whilst being a patient awaiting treatment at a hospital. A doctor might lose patients when they lose their patience while awaiting their turn.

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Brent Bublitz /

If nothing else you can just buy a whole new stator plate for it. Cheap price for avoiding the hassle.

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the real question is what type of clutch does it have behind that kickstart cover.

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time to move this to repair, as you didn't get anything for diagrams.

assuming no-spark, if you are using a multimeter, i look for this:

disconnect the HT coil positive lead, one meter lead to the wire, one to the motor metal.

ohms set to lowest setting, turn the flywheel until the points are closed.

closed should read .1 ohms, high resistance, clean them. OL wiring is broken or miswired.

reach in and open the points, meter should read 2 ohms or so.

no change, wiring is shorted, condensor shorted, kill switch stuck closed.

high resistance, possible bad stator coil, stator coil ground (see above for brakelight / ignition ground.

OL, missing wiring for the stator coil, open coil.

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Its gorgeous...

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