Suzuki FA50 Revived, Thank You MA!

Corny Cornwall /


I just wanted to thank you for the help I received by SEARCHING this site. I bought a non running Suzuki FA50 (SHUTTLE) and through youtube, mopedarmy and blind stupid luck I have successfully revived this be-atch.

Right now she's idling at 1600 rpm. Tomorrow, I'm going to warm her up and fool with the carb screws per the manual. Once that clears, I will take her on her maiden voyage out of my hood. (but within pushing distance - lol)

This site, with all it's user-unfriendlynes, gave me the information and motivation to make it work!

Redemption is mine!

This will give me a Noped to ride while I sort out the '78 express I bought too. It is gonna require a lot more love and attention. But my minor success with the Suzuki will carry me though.

Again, I say: THANK YOU ALL!

Corn Power!

Re: Suzuki FA50 Revived, Thank You MA!

Andrew Squiggman /

why do you write like that?

Re: Suzuki FA50 Revived, Thank You MA!

Corny Cornwall /

Whachutalkinbout, Willis?

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