Getting my feet wet..

Greetings & salutations. I've been poking around the site for a bit & figured I'd join to as some of you experienced people a few questions prior to making that splash. I might have just not found the right search words for what I'm looking for... I trust if these have been asked someone will point me in the right direction.

1. From your experience what are the most reliable names I should be looking for ??? If I had a dollar for every time I've seen Puch I'd be trying to open a shop.. But what else is out there in terms of trusted manufactures ?

2. Any starter tips people can recommend for shopping around ? (Quick background, have ridden from 50cc scooters to 900cc motorcycles & have my motorcycle license just haven't ridden in years... now looking for something practical to simply zoom around quickly now that I'm moving to Brooklyn soon).

3. Any maintenance programs in the NYC area was looking on the site "Second Stroke Mopeds" but the blog hasn't been updated for more than a year. I'd honestly like to build something from the ground up .. but classes for tuning up & preventative maintenance simply make sense... I can turn a wrench & screwdriver if given good directions..

4. Any actual locations other than the aforementioned site that have a place I can walk in to physically to look at & see the mopeds prior to laying down money ?

Well thank you in advance for any advice / pointers & help anyone can shed.


-Roger That-

Re: Getting my feet wet..

vespa, minerelli, sachs 505 1d, tomos, honda.

dive in, have fun.

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Derbi! !!!!!!!!

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Motobecane, Peugeot

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Does Puch sound like push?

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Brent Bublitz /

Mostly you want to be looking at the motor, not necessarily the bike model or manufacturer. Puch Maxi, JCPenny Pinto, Kromag, all those have the E50 (or variant) motor and would be great starter bikes.

Anything with an E50, Minarelli v1 or a Sachs 505 motor will be an easy fix with plenty of parts available. Any Honda or Tomos bike is going to have a decent drive train as well.

Re: Getting my feet wet..

In some parts of the world, we call it pook. Fir simplicity and everyday reliability I would point you to a puch or tomos, leaning the tomos with its cdi ignition. If you want fast though they can be a problem in that the clutches don't survive forever with high power builds. But then again, neither do the stock cranks on a puch with high rpm. The puch has far fewer moving parts and can be repaired quicker with less skill but both should have the same normal maintenance.

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Callil Capuozzo /

2nd stroke is alive and well. They always have bikes in store if you want to go look. The guys in there are really relaxed and aren't trying to pull a fast one on anybody. However, they do have a long waiting list for repair and maintenance cause the demand is so high. They have classes in the winter.

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Good to know… I figured "hopefully" the name brands would have more reliability that's why people would continue to patronize them (Either that or just a better marketing budget.. lmao).. I guess I have my homework cut out for me then … Thanks for the heads up .. mUch appreciated..

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Good to hear, (both that they're open & still have the classes) was going to give them a call before making that trip from Long Island.. I'll try to make that trip to check out the place then & see what they have available. Thanks..

Re: Getting my feet wet..

1) PUCH ("pook") is the easiest. HONDA is Honda.

2) Mopeds suck. I hope your job sucks too because your moped will break down and you will be late and get fired and your dad will yell at you and your mom will tell you she wished she'd aborted you your dog will die and your cat will piss on your pillow but that's ok because it will all catch fire when your shitty moped explodes and burns down the house as you try to asphyxiate running it in a closed garage because mopeds have ruined your life.

Honda makes scooters that like start all the time and work even when its raining and shit.

3) Get a torque wrench. My dad gave me his old one from his Karmann Ghia days (before he started yelling). Its hard to be a noob these days as "new" bikes are difficult to come buy, but if that is the way you want to go look for a newer Tomos and learn as you go as its parts eventually fail. Mopeds are fail. Your new moped life will involve a lot of regular preventive maintenance, and then actual maintenance when reality catches up with you and your shitty moped catches fire again. You could build a bike from the frame up, and it would have a pretty stable lifespan of failures, but do you really want to spend the next year figuring out what you need to get, acquisition and installation/modification, and finally tuning which for me is still the most challenging aspect of moped beyond my own lack of fabrication skills. A course would be a good way to learn about the tools you need and how to use them, as well as introduce you to parts you don't have on a moped.

Building it up yourself is most rewarding, but also demands the most investment. Personally, I started by buying running bikes and keeping them running so I have something to ride while I've collected parts and cobbled together this frame-up that I have never ridden. for years. mopeds.

4) I would imagine most places with a sizable moped inventory are actually private residences. Online, there is pretty much just 1977mopeds or some online auctions. Craigslist.

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Quote:"Honda makes scooters that like start all the time and work even when its raining".

Get a Tomos or an Italian bike in good shape with low miles if possible. HONDA made a bunch of bikes that had bad electrical connections and had starting problems. The Honda C70 of 70s to 80s vintage was notorious for starter problems(I've had to fix them and I wasn't impressed with the quality of components).Honda is no better than a good Italian or Tomos bike,for the money. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Getting my feet wet..

Get a Puch or a Vespa they are easy to work on parts are everywhere.

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