1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

Hi. I have come across a 1982 yamaha chappy lb50 and I have a chance to buy it. I do have a few concerns about it though. First of all it has pedals. Are these original? Also the bike doesn't run either. It looks to be mostly complete without a title and a little rough around the edges. What is the value of something like this so I know what to offer? Thanks


Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

Steve Peterson /

Is this the one you're looking at?


If it is then it looks like you've got some work ahead of you.

Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

I'm also thinking about making a chappy purchase as well...


Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

Tony montana /

chappys don't have pedals.......

Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

"The LB50s was usually known to have pedals installed into the swingarm, while the LB80s normally had the pedal system absent all together."


Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

Chappy's are sweet! I've got an 1976 LB80 with a 72cc engine. I've never seen a LB50 with the pedals selling anywhere before haha. The LB80 got lil' ol' pegs you put your feet on. Noped fury. These little things are freakin' heavy though.

Re: 1982 Yamaha Chappy LB50

Yes pedals are stock, they are kind of cool, you can unlock one of them and move it parallel with it's mate and use them like foot pegs. These are not fast bikes, at all, but are nice, not sure if I would be comfortable riding one in heavy traffic, but would be an awesome bike for a camp ground or lightly traveled ares, they ARE heavy. Wide tires allow for minor trail riding, no dirt bike but still fun. Like any used vehicle it is worth what someone is willing to pay, if it is complete it is worth an offer. Depending on what your state requires to title a bike should factor into what you offer for it. (if you plan to use it on the road).

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