Tomos Transmission noise ?(Tomos owner)


I have a Tomos Targa lx 99, only 450miles buy new this April.

Around 20 to 30 mph, the transmission make a noise come from the transmission. The noise is very high-piched !

The transmission shift very good and my top speed is 30/33mph with a 27 tooth sprocket. The noise was there before i change the sprocket ... I change the fluid transmission this weekend for DEXTRON3/ATF.

Tomos owner, i just want to know if your transmission are noisy ???

I ear more the transmission of the muffler at 30 mph !?!?

Re: Tomos Transmission noise ?(Tomos owner)

My tomos shakes and rattles alot i thought they were weird noises.But im pretty sure thats normal if its making noises like finger nails on a chalk board i would say some things wrong.


Re: Tomos Transmission noise ?(Tomos owner)

Hello.... All Tomos I have had had a wine to it, the more you weigh the louder the whine, its normal, I have rebuilt many and the 1st gear will get sharp on the top from wear, when it really gets noisy and sloppy acting you will need to clean out the tiny shavings and replace the gear. (1st gear cost about $26) Doug D.

Re: Tomos Transmission noise ?(Tomos owner)

Reeperette /

If yer talkin about that strange "whine" kinda noise - that's fairly normal, although no one seems to know what causes it.

Any noise other than that, from the transmission, and you've maybe got cause to worry, but most Tomos transmissions make that whine, especially the A5(A35) ones.


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