plate arrived from dmv...

I'm baffled, I sent in my Form 230 for the moped I found in the garbage and got running, sent in the form along with $6 and holy crap like a week later a plate arrived. The best part: it never expires.

There must have been some mistake, this was just too easy.

Anyway, this was in California. Thanks much to this board for all the info.

Pics, in case anyone's interested:

<a href=""></a>;

Re: plate arrived from dmv...

Dear Sir, The Department Of Motor Vehicles for the State of California regrets to inform you that your Moped licence plate was sent to you in error. Kindly return it to your local branch office accompanied by a cheque for $75. to cover restocking and administrative fees. We are issueing you a temperary plate which you can attach to your moped. This permit allows you to park your vehicle on your premises, but does not allow you to ride it on public roads. Please send another cheque for $125. for your permanant moped plate. Thank you for drawing this mistake to our attention. Gre. D. Government

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