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I just picked up a Laura M48 engine complete minus the carb for $15 US! It's only a 1/2 hour drive away so I'm picking it up tonight. I couldn't beleive that no one else bid on it! Just goes to show that there are great deals to be had if you're willing to wait.


Re: ebay deals

Thats all fine and good ... till you get it and find out it has a seized crank and a ruined cylinder.

I'm not saying yours does... but with ebay.. you never REALLY know what you are really getting till you get it and take it apart.

You have to judge the sellers honesty... and how much he even knows about the stuff... (some people have not one clue about what they have)

If you are lucky and that Laura M48 is good to go... then you got a real nice deal.

Its real nice when its close also... takes the shipping problem out of the equation.

Re: ebay deals

yeah.. I've found great deals for non running bikes on ebay... just what I needed.... but the say the bike ran for 30 bucks.. then there is always 200 dollar shipping fee from a plane to me and 50 dollar crating fee..

so a 30 bucks part ends up almost 300..


Re: ebay deals

Yes, I got very lucky. It turns over great and the compression is good too. It needs a little cleaning on the outside, but other than that it's just what i needed. I only wanted it for parts. He also had a complete HS-50 as well that was in very good shape and guarenteed me that it ran. He offered to start it up but I had to go. IF anyone is interested, he was hoping for $500 CDN but I think you could talk him down to $350-400.


Re: ebay deals

InfectedBootSector /

I just got a very low mialge Puch motor, complete, for 56$ from a shop in Bmore..

I'm gonna add my 70cc kit to that and keep my old motor for a backup.

Cool deal!

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