Spark Plug Brands

Dan Webber Kastner /

What is your favorite spark plug, and why. brands and models please.

Re: Spark Plug Brands

I like NGK for 2 stoke motor !

Re: Spark Plug Brands

chuck russo va /

ngk plugs make my ped run slower, so far bosh plug make it run the best

Re: Spark Plug Brands

How a spark plug can make go slower of a other plug ???

Can you tel me what is the best plug for a Tomos Targa 99?

Re: Spark Plug Brands

bosch platinum 4214. i use nothing but.

Tomos Plugs

Reeperette /

Reccommended plugs

@ Champion = L82C/L86C/L90C (Depends on which book you check)

@ Bosch = W8AC

@ NGK = B5HS

? Motorcraft = AE4/AE4x/AE6 (depends on book)

# Denso = W16-FSU

? AC Delco = 422Z

# Splitfire = SF409C

? = Performance unknown.

@ = Known solid performer.

# = Not reccommended by me.

Plug gap should be 0.5mm in any case.


Re: Tomos Plugs

chuck russo va /

i use the bosh w8ac and it works good

Re: Tomos Plugs

Dan Webber Kastner /
dan OP

I have heard some people promote champion, and others promote bosch.

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